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The Pandora Study, User Satisfaction Over Time
Bridge Ratings' latest look at Pandora's users exposes never-before-known facets of the user experience over time.

The longer consumers use the service, loyalty and satisfaction suffer.
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Quick Bites

Cumulus/Townsquare swap allows the companies to sharpen their footprint strategies. With Cumulus picking up 10 stations in Bloomington and Peoria and Townsquare acquiring clusters in August, ME, Bangor, ME, Binghamton, NY, Bismark, ND, Grand Junction, CO, Killeen-Temple, TX, New Bedford, MA, Odessa-Midland, TX, Presque Isle, ME, Sioux Falls, SD and Tuscaloosa, Al.

FCC head says media ownership hearings are over for now.. Having held hearings in California, Florida, South Carolina and Washington, DC., FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski suggests that the hearing phase of a Seattle field hearing has run its course and is over. [Inside Radio]

Internet Advertising remains Dwarfed by TV. The Internet Advertising Board released its big report on Internet Advertising. One data point of interest was that Internet advertising surpasses Cable TV in ad revenue. It also showed that the Internet was only $7 Billion behind broadcast TV advertising.

The Media Audit's new "National Radio Format Report" found that listeners to different music formats have varying exposure to other media, such as TV, newspaper, outdoor, and the Internet. Dance CHR listeners spend 4.5 hours a day online, the most among all formats, while listeners to Hispanic radio spend three hours a day online.

Local TV Revenues

Local TV stations “took in $17.9 billion in over-the-air revenues in 2011, compared with $19.4 billion in 2010. What’s growing? No surprise – digital/online. BIA/Kelsey says that source of revenue improved 18.7%, from $450 million to $535 million. It sees mobile and online “accelerating by a 45% compound annual growth rate in the next five years, and returning the industry to revenue last seen in 2006.” The data is from BIA/Kelsey’s “Investing in Television Market Report.”

Satellite Radio Update
“Rising auto sales and our strong execution should enable us to exceed our prior 2012 subscriber growth guidance of 1.3 million” to 1.5 million, says Mel Karmazin the CEO of SiriusXM.

The number of paid digital music users is expected to almost double over the next five years, from 832 million now to 1.555 billion in 2014, according to a report from IE Market Research.The number of users downloading music via mobile phones worldwide is projected to grow to over 1 billion in 2013; in North America, mobile music downloaders are expected to grow in number to 83.1 million in 2014.

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Current Studies

Terrestrial Radio's Run Through the New Media Gauntlet
An updated study by Bridge Ratings reviewing the history of terrestrial radio's affinity with listeners is now available.

This update covers the period of 1998 through 2010 and traces the impact digital media have had on listener passion and favoriteness for terrestrial radio. It is quite evident that in 2005 the perfect storm of multiple digital options took powerful strikes against traditional radio's loyalty.
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The Changing Tide of Internet Radio
A new study by Bridge Ratings supported by data from Internet radio measurement firm Ando Media, concludes  that over the last six months consumer passion about Internet Pure Play radio has increased significantly while listenership to terrestrial radio Internet simulcast has slipped.

Between November 2009 and June of 2010, Internet Radio as measured by Ando Media has increased its listenership (Average Active Sessions) by... [Click Here] 

Media Preference by Lifestyle
It is a wide-held belief that people living in the same neighborhoods tend to have similar lifestyles, proving the old adage that "birds of a feather flock together" still holds true. To a large extent, you are where you live!

Bridge Ratings recently completed a national year-long, 7000 person study analyzing these lifestyle clusters for media proclivity or the predisposition or natural inclination for preference of several key digital media.
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Is Terrestrial Radio Ready for a Digital Future?
This new study by Bridge Ratings pinpoints how prepared terrestrial radio is.
In this study released in June 2010, Bridge Ratings focused in on the impact that social media marketing can have on any business. [ Read More ]   
View Dave Van Dyke's Webinar Presentation.  [Click Here]

The Social Media Marketing Hierarchy
Social Media has gained considerable clout in reaching and engaging consumers. This just-released Bridge Ratings study discovered the most effective marketing method to date. Consumers who use social media aren't equal in their usage and different social sites are more effective at reaching them than others. [ Read More ]    

Terrestrial Radio's Recipe for Future Success: The AQH Pyramid
Contrary to popular theory, tradition (AM/FM) radio is beginning to figure out where the future lies. Its success rests with a new recipe of listening categories/devices. Its advantage is its massive, broad audience with which to leverage traffic to these new devices. [ Read More ]

Audio Device Use Examined in New Study
Consumers of audio over the last five years have changed the way they use audio-listening devices whether it is an AM/FM radio or their cellphone or smartphone. Technology is rapidly and continually impacting all of these devices and this new study reflects changes in behavior over the last few years. [ Read More ]

Quick First-Look at Apple's iPad
Bridge Ratings was able to access a sample of consumers who had pre-release access to Apple's new iPad device released this weekend. Click here for a quick insight as to how they felt about it.
Streaming Can Enhance Terrestrial Listening
What is the value of streaming audience? For traditional broadcasters simulcast streaming shows signs of increasing time spent with the terrestrial station. [ Read more ]

Bridge Ratings Mobile Consumption Update
Mobile phones have become more than typical conversation devices. Though communication continues to be a primary purpose (email, instant messaging and tweeting), but with improving technology, larger bandwidth and less costly subscription packages, consumers conduct a whole range of activities on their personal mobile devices and on Smart Phones, these activities are rapidly gaining on the phone's original purpose. Bridge Ratings continues to track these activities as shown in the following chart. [ Read more ]

The Media Mindshare Project

From the introduction of Napster in the late '90's to Satellite Radio, the Internet and Smartphones, new technologies have theoretically stripped consumption away from traditional media. Bridge Ratings' decade-long Media Mindshare Project shows the reality behind consumer use of multiple options. [ Read more ]

The Two Worlds of Streamies
Those who listen to Internet radio have been dubbed "Streamies" and in a new Bridge Ratings Study not all Streamies are created equal. A new report unveils some important lessons for traditional radio. [ Read more]

Pandora's Achilles' Heel
As part of Bridge Ratings 2010 forecast studies, we learned some insight into the consumers of Pandora, the custom web-based music product. [ Read more ]

Wi-Fi Impact on Terrestrial Radio

As part of Bridge Ratings 2010 forecast studies, we have updated a study that was previously published in September of 2007. Since that report was first published, the growth of wireless internet has come more quickly than expected with 168 million Americans now using wireless technology to access the Internet. [ Read more ]

The Future of Radio 2010+
Bridge Ratings continues to release information from its annual series "The Future of Radio" 2010 with an overview of audience AM/FM radio usage. Listening to AM/FM radio (weekly cume) has reversed a seven year attrition trend. [Read more ]

Competitive Media Use

How well is terrestrial radio holding up against other mobile media devices? This report reveals the most current data about radio's place in consumers' daily use. [ Read more]

Archived: Satellite Radio Brand Satisfaction
Bridge Ratings has been tracking a number of parameters related to consumption and perception of satellite radio since the subscription radio business came on the scene in the early 2000's. [ Read more ]

Archived: Music Consumption in America

The recording industry reports that they sold 11.5 billion dollars in recorded music in 2006 - 9% off 2005's total of 12 Billion. So Americans are buying less music these days, right? Wrong. [ Read more ]

Archived: The Baby Boom Media Consumption Report
Are Boomers, those ages 43-61, consuming more or less media these days? And how do they feel about HD, Internet & Traditional Radio? The fresh data in this Bridge Ratings report may surprise you. [ Read more ]

Archived: Music Consumption in America

The recording industry reports that they sold 11.5 billion dollars in recorded music in 2006 - 9% off 2005's total of 12 Billion. So Americans are buying less music these days, right? Wrong. [ Read more ]

: HD Radio vs. Internet Radio

Which is radio's future? Bridge Ratings has followed consumer interest in both and while HD radio is giving it the old college try, Radio's immediate future sure looks like it's on the Internet. [ Read more ]

: The Influentials: Radio's New Best Friend

Radio's future may very well rest on a very vocal group of individuals who influence what media their friends, family and acquaintances consume. Bridge Ratings' newest study uncovers what this key audience segment thinks of the future. [ Read More ]

: What the PPM Isn't Telling you about Tween Listening

Radio's future is today's 8-12 year olds and they are listening to radio and they like it! What can radio do to keep them listening? [ Read more ]

: What the PPM Isn't Telling you about Tween Listening

Radio's future is today's 8-12 year olds and they are listening to radio and they like it! What can radio do to keep them listening? [ Read more ]

Expert's Words of Wisdom
As advertising recovers from last year’s downturn, BIA/Kelsey president Neal Polachek says it’s unlikely radio and traditional media will ever see the kind of growth they experienced five or ten years ago. “It’s no longer a vertical game, but a horizontal one,” he says. “Companies need to gain share from product expansion not just through taking share from another operator.”
BIA/Kelsey economist Mark Fratrik projects traditional media’s local revenue will grow at an average 2% rate while digital will increase 19%. “TV and radio stations should maintain shares as they expand into online activities,” he says.

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