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Bridge Ratings Mobile Consumption Update


For Immediate Release

Monday March 1, 2010

Mobile phones have become more than typical conversation devices. Though communication continues to be a primary purpose (email, instant messaging and tweeting), but with improving technology, larger bandwidth and less costly subscription packages, consumers conduct a whole range of activities on their personal mobile devices and on Smart Phones, these activities are rapidly gaining on the phone's original purpose.

Bridge Ratings continues to track these activities as shown in the following chart.

The chart trends twelve behaviors typical for mobile phones and Smart Phones. This particular chart reflects consumer use for 2006, 2007, 2010 and projected use for the coming year.

A panel of 1890 mobile and smart phone users ages 12+ were interviewed during the month of January 2010.

The significant growth of all of the activities highlighted in this chart should not surprise anyone, as mobile media and cell phone use has become second-nature to most consumers. For example, in a 2004 version of this study, Bridge Ratings found only 22% of adults 65+ owned or used a cellular telephone. Today that number is just under two-thirds.

The chart gives some perspective on the speed of growth for these activities, but it also reveals interesting data related to consumer's opinions on their use over the next twelve months. Activities with reduced use include "tweeting" (text-based social networking posts of up to 140 characters), photo sharing and text messaging.

According to our sample, text messaging will give way to more use of instant messaging. And while email activity will increase across the entire sample (82% to 85%), growth is estimated to slow significantly in the coming 12 months in favor of shorter methods of text-communication.

What does this mean to today's business operator seeking closer relationships with their clients and consumers?

This cut-out from the larger chart above, isolates text messaging, video streaming and photo sharing activities. Video continues to hold compelling reasons for consumption now that broadband technology has enabled many cell phone models for an enjoyable consumer experience. This hasn't always been the case. In the similar 2004 study, video was a highly-desired capability but bandwidth for such consumption was not pervasive enough for a tipping point to be crossed.

Key: Traditional radio has great potential with streaming video entertainment features. Anything unique to your brand, talent or market should be part of short video vignettes that will consolidate audience that can be monetized.

How important are these phone applications to the users in our panel?

1. Email, instant messaging and Text messaging all score a the high end of the value series.

2. Video playback (stored on the phone) ranks 4th, higher than Internet surfing and social networking which all score greater than 60% consumer satisfaction levels.


*Sample = 1890 consumers 12+

Sample error = +/- 2.1%

Bridge Ratings is a media research company based in Dallas, Texas. We are dedicated to providing media consumption analysis across multiple platforms for companies with an interest in media consumption by the public. Our methodolgy is based on sound consumer research principles.


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