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Saturday March 11, 2006

Satellite Radio Does Not Impress the Masses


In a just-released Bridge Ratings study of radio listeners across the U.S., satellite radio's appeal to the vast majority of Americans remains low.

The study of 2800 adults ages 18 and over was conducted during the month of February 2006.

Random phone calls were placed to households and cell phone users* who were asked questions about their interest in subscribing to satellite radio.

Only 3% of those interviewed indicated they were "Very likely" or "Somewhat likely" to subscribe to one or both of the services this year. This projects to approximately 8 million new satellite subscribers bringing the current subscriber count to 17 million by year-end.

Consumers ages 35-54 years of age were among those with the largest segment which incidated they were likely to subscribe this year with 4.5%. This number would account for 4 million potential subscribers in this age group.

Those who indicated they were not likely to subscribe this year, were asked why they were not likely to.

Consumers who indicated that they were "not at all likely" or "not very likely" to subscribe to one of the two services this year (97%), "Higher quality audio isn't that important to me" was the most often mentioned response (34%) followed closely by "The expense" of subscribing (30%).

Bridge Ratings President Dave Van Dyke, reported that for the vast majority of Americans "some of satellite radio's unique selling propositions have yet to impress most people. We were surprised by the number of individuals who do not find commercial-free radio or the vast number of programming options to be enticing. While 8 million new subscribers this year is vast growth over 2005's 6 million, it still represents a small percentage of consumers at this time.

Sample = 2800 18+.

Cell phone user databases were based on land line interviews of consumers willing to provide cell phone numbers.

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