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The Don Imus Aftermath

April 14, 2007

After a week of intense media coverage, the Don Imus news story has had an impact on Americans. Bridge Ratings conducted an impromptu poll on Friday and Saturday (April 13, 14) to determine whether there is a public perception that Imus' firing as a result of his on-air comments will affect the quality of radio programming in the future.

We first polled 2644 persons 12+ across the United States to determine how many people were aware of the story. We asked:

"Are you familiar with the news story this week about radio personality Don Imus being fired from his job because of comments he made on his radio show?" 88% of the sample were familiar with the story.


Of the 88% (2327) people who were familiar with the story we asked if they thought that the effects of Imus' firing would in any way negatively affect the quality of what radio stations offer in the future. Overall, the sample was fairly split and almost 10% just didn't care!


....yet perceptions about this story's impact vary wildly when looked at by age group. Teens who had an opinion, in general, didn't think the story would affect radio programming but almost 20% didn't care - thought it was a non-issue.

15% of 18-24 years also don't care about the story, but a larger number (43%) believe that the fall-out from the Imus story would have some negative impact on the quality of the radio they listen to.

The largest segment of our poll, 25-54 adults were most vocal about an opinion with over half believing the Don Imus firing would affect how radio manages controversial on-air content.

Finally, the over 55 members of the study don't believe this story will affect the radio they listen to. 61% responded "no".

Sample: 2327 persons 12+
Sample error: +/- 2.0%
Interviews conducted 4/13/07-4/14/07

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