Should radio be referring to iPods?

Bridge Ratings Quick Study

For Immediate Release:
Thursday, April 14, 2005

With the momentum building across the U.S. for JACK-like radio formats, reference on these stations to iPods "on shuffle", etc seems to be pervasive. Is this a good idea? Or is radio simply promoting attrition to new technologies.

Bridge Ratings interviewed 2100 persons 18 - 34 years of age about their radio and digital media useage. We also asked them:

  • "Are you aware that your favorite radio station refers to iPods on the air, such as 'we're like your iPod on shuffle'?
  • "Does the mention of iPods on your favorite radio station cause you to listen to that radio station More, Less or the Same?"

Following are the results of this Quick Study:

Awareness of iPod Mentions - Yes
Awareness - No
Listen More
Listen Same
Listen Less

How to read: 13% of the 18 - 34 year olds interviewed were aware that their favorite station was referring to iPods on the air. 1% indicated that the mention of iPods on their favorite radio station was causing them to listen less.


At this point in time the 18-34 year old is only slightly aware of some form of on-air association being made between their favorite radio station and the iPod. This, coupled with the finding that listening behavior is minimally affected, suggests that there is no negative in broadcasters imaging their stations alongside the perceived listening benefits of the iPod.

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