The Future of Radio

The Problem: Confusion About Radio Listeners' Media Use and What it Means for the Radio Business

The Solution:

Bridge Ratings’ Analysis and presentation of a full year's behavioral research data..

• In your office - in your city - Bridge Ratings' professionals will spend up to two hours with your senior executives, corporate staff, sales team or an entire employee group clarifying the thousands of pieces of data we've received in the last twelve months.

The Future of Radio Presentation shares the Bridge Ratings media projections for radio listeners behaviors through 2020. Media include: terrestrial radio, satellite radio, Internet radio, MP3's and the fast-growing podcast.

The Future of Radio data allows your team to make smart strategic decisions during one of radio's most important developmental years ever!

The Future of Radio data is the same material Bridge Ratings has been presenting to financial investment houses during the last half of 2005.

How The Future of Radio can help your firm...

Bridge Ratings conducted more than thirty listener-based projects during 2005 devoted specifically to radio's listeners alternatives. We have been tracking their attitudes about terrestrial radio, their use of alternate media and how their time is spent between all of these choices.

In many cases radio's listeners media use fluctuates month to month. We learned about "iPod Fatigue" while tracking 12-24 year old media habits.

Our data is always fresh - always up-to-date because Bridge Ratings studies radio listeners 52 weeks a year compiling useful behavioral data that our clients have been benefiting from on a weekly basis.

Let the company that has become known as the industry standard for media consumer behavior analysis provide an easy-to-understand, enjoyable session that will change the way you view your listeners - consumers of multiple media options. The battleground for your listeners' time and brand loyalty has become too cluttered for old fashioned research technology. Bridge Ratings reaches media consumers directly. We learn their media behaviors today and report them tomorrow.

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The Future of Radio is a copyrighted presentation exclusively for Bridge Ratings' clients.

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