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What Is Genergraphics?

Demographics: Shows the age, gender and income of people. Demographics can also tell us what products people buy and how often they buy them. 

Psychographics: Shows why people do what they do based upon the lifestyle and patterns of their generation. Psychographics also tells us how we can get them to do it for us. 

Genergraphics®:  Genergraphics can do what psychographics does based upon mindset, plus it can tell what influence one generation has or does not have on another generation. Genergraphics allows us to market to one generation without alienating another.

How It Works

Genergraphics® allows an advertiser to "get into" the mindset of consumers according to their generation. Simply stated, it lets an advertiser market the same product or service to different generations at the same time (without alienating any one generation), by appealing to their mindset. 

This can be done because when you understand the mindset of a generation, then you can appeal to the reason they may want to purchase your service or product.

Genergraphics is all about acquiring new customers while retaining existing ones. It will hit the "hot buttons" of a generation, resulting in increased sales for the client. 

The Genergraphics method allows the advertiser to accurately track people by their generation. This will save a lot of the dollars that are currently being wasted in advertising where the focus is on an age group (Demographics) rather than a generation (Genergraphics). 

Genergraphics can show an advertiser the influence one generation may or may not have on another generation. 

An Example: 

A couple from the Baby Boomer generation is house hunting. Joining them are their 2 elementary age children and a mother-in-law, who may come to live with them. While the agent is showing them the home, the couple is looking to each of the family members for a reaction whether it is good, bad or indifferent. 

While the couple care and want to please each other and love their mother-in-law, the ultimate decision, most of the time, will come down to the children. While the school district and school location is important, seeing a positive reaction from their children toward the home will become the biggest influence (aside from price and features) on whether or not they will purchase it. 

Baby Boomers are more influenced by their children than their senior parents or each other in major purchasing decisions. Genergraphics will show this.

Genergraphics® is the brainchild of Phil Goodman who also holds a process patent on Genergraphics Web sites. Phil Goodman and Craig Carapelho have brought together their experience and expertise in order to develop a full array of Genergraphics marketing services including Genergraphics Web sites, advertising and product marketing, market research, and communications consulting services.

Testimonials and articles of interest available upon request.

The Genergraphics Team

President & CEO

To Phil Goodman and the members of his company, demographics are not as important as strategies based on the psychology of marketing. We refer to this as Genergraphics, but it's really keen observations and street-smart experience. Phil certainly has successful credentials. Since 1955 he has been deeply involved in advertising and marketing. In 1974 he started Western Media Corporation, a media and marketing firm specializing in the hospitality industry.

Sr. V. P. of Marketing & Creative Services

Originally from the East Coast, Craig moved to Hawaii to attend the University of Hawaii where he graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Marketing. Craig founded Team Vision in 1997 after working as an account executive at one of Hawaii's largest advertising agencies. Craig has extensive marketing experience that he developed working as some of Hawaii's largest advertising accounts such as Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaii, the Island of Lanai and Hyatt Regency Waikiki.

Executive Producer of Genergraphics® Gingles

Ron Edwards started as a studio musician and musical image (jingle) producer in 1985. His proficiency on the piano, and natural knowledge of music and musical arranging quickly advanced him to one of the nation’s top volume jingle producers over the next 10 years, having produced thousands of custom jingles and production spots to date.

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